Friday, June 10, 2016

Till We Meet Again

He sat alone in the back of the church but yet did not appear lonely.  As I was leaving Lancaster Baptist Church as a visitor last Sunday, I was drawn to him as I approached the exit.  And I can only say that the Holy Spirit drew me to him as we locked eyes in recognition.  I leaned down to shake his hand and the warmth of the Spirit engulfed us and we hugged feeling His Presence.

It had been 3 years since we had last met.  He and his wife B. had traveled to Myrtle Beach from Indiana for many years to celebrate special events in their lives.  This year was truly special as B. was dying and they knew this would be their last visit.  B. became ill and had to be hospitalized on this last visit.

God brought us together at this moment and we knew that it was His divine intervention.
Our goal was to get B. well enough to get to the beach with her husband J. the purpose of their visit .  God intervened and made that happen.  The very last night I prayed for J. and B. and finished that prayer, "till we meet again".  At that time I believed, we all believed, that meeting would take place in Heaven and what a celebration it would be for us all.

However, God gave me this wonderful gift of meeting J. again on this earth as he was moving from Indiana to Hilton Head, South Carolina.  Very rarely do I give my cell phone number to patients in place of my work phone, however, later that afternoon I received a text from "B." and it was J.,  also praising God for the gift to meet again.

And for me, on that day, I was struggling and God saw and He gave me a gift, again, of showing me that He is there, All the Time and He is Good and know that those words, "Till we meet again" will always remain with me.

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