Saturday, June 18, 2016

When God Shows Out

There are many times that God shows up, however, sometimes God chooses to just SHOW OUT.  This is when He, the Creator of ALL things, the Author of the Word, the Alpha and the Omega gives a glimpse of how intimate He is in the details.  It is when a sunrise nearly brings you to your knees by the majestic glory of the colors, the first time that you hold your child in your arms and the warmth of their body sets your heart on fire, or in watching a couple after decades of time holding hands as if they were young lovers.  In these moments of exhilaration, of awareness, of AWESOMENESS that you know that GOD is not just showing His hands, or His face, but He is showing His Heart.
Today, I saw His heart and He was giving it to a family as they stood in loving vigilance over their loved one whom was dying.
I had been caring for this patient whom was dying from cancer and as we had shifted in the paradigm of care from hospital to hospice the family had been gathering to love on her and each other.  This was a beautiful family and each day I have been blessed to know more and more of them.  Today, as we spoke of our faith and the blessed assurance of that heavenly place, I shared the story of my previous post, "Till We Meet Again".  Having mentioned only the name of B. in the story, the patient's sister asked expectantly, "Where did you say that B. lived?"  I said that she had lived in Indiana and she said, "I got cold chills as you were sharing that story, because I knew her and her sweet husband and actually she had grown up in Aynor and then moved to Indiana many years ago.  I had heard that she had passed".
How could this be that a different hospital, a different family, and the passage of many years would bring families together?  It is that God decided to show His Heart and His Love, He not only Showed Up, He SHOWED OUT!

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