Friday, July 22, 2011

Great God Story!

So we have all had them, those "coincidences" that just seem too impossible to say they are a coincidence.  Well I had one yesterday that I just have to share.  As many of you know I am heading with a group to Rwanda next week.  Well, I received an email through the ministry about a lady whom had just returned from there who had been moved by a young girl that had a traumatic amputation of both legs during an attack following the genocide in Rwanda.  The lady was requesting information on how she might help this young girl by getting her prosthetic legs.  Well, my very next email was from a doctor who is going next week and whom was was wanting to know if we might need a prosthetic leg that had been donated at the hospital.  Now, I am not sure if this leg is for this little girl, but what I am sure is that this leg needs to go to Rwanda.  So many times we can easily miss these miracles from God that can be "explained" by coincidence.  I am on this journey of discovery of who God is and admittedly a novice in knowing all the ways that He works,  but one thing is for sure:  God is working all the time, in all things, and with great detail.  He cares about every detail of our lives,  even in our amputations.  Amputations of limbs, of emotions, even when our faith may be amputated by life. He still cares!
Praise God for our "coincidences"

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